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    Mansion Casino

    Mansion Casino

    The site is not allowing its tradition to fade, so it greets new players with a system of bonuses that can net up to 5000 pounds in some cases. All players receive a nice 100% boost on their first deposit, but there are also weekly and monthly reload bonuses that can bring back additional 25%.

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Casino Bonus

Tracking some of the latest casino bonus offers can be really shocking – online casino providers are going nuts with welcome bonuses and other free cash handouts trending skywards. Under these circumstances, it is reasonable to ask whether such unbelievable amounts of free money are actually real and if so, how online casinos could possibly turn out a profit with such massive leakage of cash. Well, short answer is yes, it is actually possible to pick up a bucketful of free coins on most major UK casino sites, who are gaining so much popularity among the growing legion of online gamers so the handouts are just a drop in the ocean. Online casino industry is a billion pound business that keeps getting bigger by the day, since new players attracted by casino bonus offers steadily keep joining the field.

However, it isn’t possible to take advantage of the system and just run away with free cash from dozens of casino sites. Each casino bonus can only be used for wagering on games provided on the site and can’t be withdrawn until certain requirements are met regarding total amount of wagered money. Also, players who join too many websites in a short period of time just to claim the bonuses might find themselves blacklisted, since operators exchange data on all problematic visitors. These limitations perhaps take away some of the casino bonus appeal, but used smartly they can be valuable commodities on the virtual casino floor, since any payroll boost means additional chances to win real cash. In addition to general casino bonus credits (most typically encountered type), there are game specific bonus offers that can be used only on certain groups of games, for example on various slots or live dealer games.

While the most head scratching casino bonus deals are reserved for new players who put up their first deposits, there is a full range of cool special offers, loyalty programs and VIP features for long time players on most top casino sites. The math is really simple here: with so many competing websites around, players are expecting to be rewarded for their attention with lots of freebies and operators are happily obliging to prevent them from switching to another site. Since they are getting the best end of the deal, online casino players are not even thinking about complaining, so casino bonus figures keep growing!